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Claims Preparation

The majority of commercial insurance policies contain Claims Preparation Cover which allows the policy holder to recover the costs of our services. Our expertise includes preparing, presenting and negotiating settlement of all types of commercial insurance claims including Property Damage, Business Interruption, Machinery Breakdown, Contract Works, Fidelity, Theft and Liability etc.

How will having a specialist Claims Preparation company assist a business? Here are just a few of the more obvious benefits…. See FAQ’s.

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Claims Representation

Insurance claims can be a bruising affair. There’s nothing sinister in it , over the decades Insurers have simply accumulated far more claims handling experience and  expertise than a first time claimant who has no familiarity with the insurance claim process much less expertise or specialist knowledge..

Insurers also have the resources to appoint further expertise on their behalf as each matter evolves including Engineers, Accountants, Lawyers , Metallurgists and such like.  

The equation is a simple one … you can either brace yourself for a steep learning curve or you can engage some specialist claims representation and level the playing field.

Typically the earlier you get your matter to us the less rocky the road. Regardless of whether you are at the beginning, middle or nearing the end of your commercial claim  – we can assist.

Call, email or make a time to come in and see us – the first 30 minutes are free.

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