Some common questions arise when a business is considering the appointment of a Claims Preparer including when to get a claims preparer involved and claims preparers costs.

Our business policy has Claims Preparation Cover. Where to from here?
Have your Broker contact us. They can check if written authority for our involvement is required by the Insurer and if so make arrangements for that process to occur simultaneous to contacting us. We identify financial records that will be required, calculate your claim in liaison with you, and submit to the insurer. Our fee is met by the Insurer – so no cost to your business.

Our business doesn't have Claims Preparation cover. What size claim warrants the appointment of a Claims Preparation company in our scenario?
At the start of a commercial claim no one can accurately predict exactly how much time will be expended to bring the matter to a conclusion. Whilst it is true some commercial claims can take as little as 5- 10 Claims preparation hours to resolve it is far more common to see 30 or 40 hours expended. It's all relative of course as an invoice for 30 hours for example is still a great overall result if the client wouldn't have achieved the $25k or $50k or $100k but for our involvement.

In short, it is worthwhile contacting us to discuss whether it is appropriate for us to be involved. If it's a Business Interruption claim, regardless of the quantum, we believe this requires our expert assistance.

As a Broker how can we minimise our clients or our costs of meeting your Claims Preparation fees when there is no Claims Preparation cover, particularly on "smaller" claims?
We recognise that a large number of commercial claims fall in the $10k to $100k range. It also goes without saying that all claims are important – regardless of size. As such we have actively been developing ways in which Brokers can cost effectively access our services on behalf of their clients even on that smaller dollar value range.

One of those ways is that we track all Claims Preparation income payable by Insurers into our business referred by individual Broking firms. Across any given year we now provide a loyalty "credit" equal to 10% of referred business. Your Broking firm can redeem that figure in claim services. This may let you use our service on smaller commercial claims (which might not ordinarily be cost effective on a one off instruction) for one of your key clients.

You can also use redeem these credits for us to do Sum Insured reviews for you.

Any other cost incentives or initiatives for your services?
For Brokers who utilise our Desktop or Comprehensive Sum Insured review service regularly, each 6th review is free.

We also have a retainer arrangement available at 20% off our normal hourly rate. This arrangement enables the Broking firm to access cost effective "bites" of assistance.

We are also currently working on a free advice service for qualifying Broking firms – with some conditions attaching

Ultimately it's all about relationships - the more your firm utilises our services the more we are in a position to meaningfully recognise and reward that loyalty.

If we have never used your services how much will it cost us and how do we go about engaging you?
You may have a business that has very few complex claims or you may wish to simply "test the waters". Ring or email us. We'll discuss the individual circumstances of the matter and offer you some cost options including:

• Hourly rate
• Fixed fee – regardless of outcome
• No win - no fee (% of outcome)

Each claim is different. We can tailor a costs arrangement that makes the most sense for your particular scenario – your choice.

We are a business that has no Broker, we have no Claims Preparation cover - where to from here for us?
Contact us. If your policy doesn't cover our costs, once we have analysed the individual circumstances of your claim we can talk to you about the option of:

• Hourly rate
• Fixed fee – regardless of outcome
• No win - no fee (% of outcome)


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