Why offer a percentage of outcome basis of instead of hours?

Entrenched and disputed claims typically involve significant hours to essentially unwind and then progress again from scratch. They often take weeks if not months to conclude. It can become demoralizing for a client to watch fees mount up in that environment with little discernible progress and no guaranteed outcome. Disputed claims require a little resilience. Hourly based remuneration models not only make a lot of claims uneconomic to pursue but provided an ongoing temptation for clients to simply “give up” on their claim

The no win no fee % of outcome model alternatively provides the following;

  • Zero cost if no result
  • A capped fee – based on the % agreed
  • A naturally aligned “partner” in your claim.
  • Encourages timeliness – as we don’t get paid until you do!

My claim is in NSW, Victoria, Queensland but I see your Head Office is in WA?

During 2015 and 2016 our office has undertaken engagements for clients in NSW , Victoria and Queensland and NZ.

With claims that have been going a little while there is often little purpose served much less any benefit gained in physically attending the site. That said if specific circumstances warranted (for example a settlement meeting in your home state) our % of outcome basis of engagement means our office absorbs any such travel cost. We also have alliance partners we can call upon if required.

My policy has Claims Preparation Cover but the claim hasn’t been accepted?

Call us. We can discuss your specific circumstances and work out a flexible engagement model that best meets your particular situation.

I have a Broker – don’t they have claims people on staff who won’t cost me anything?

We love Brokers! They put you into great insurance programs!. Brokers often have claim staff on the payroll who can assist in a number of claim scenarios. You’re likely at this site because you have a large, complex or a disputed claim which represents a combination of threats and opportunities. We’ve successfully resolved thousands of large commercial claims from paddock to plate, a large number of which have been introduced to our office via Brokers. In something as important as a claim that could literally make or break your business the value of our specialist experience cannot be underestimated.

How will having a specialist Claims Preparation company assist a business? Here are just a few of the more obvious benefits….

  • How would a business ever know if they have received their full entitlement under the policy unless they have an expert working solely for them?
  • A business is unlikely to have the necessary time and expertise to consider all the benefits and pitfalls as well as adequately prepare their claim in line with specific policy requirements.
    • Dealing with the many insurers representatives on behalf of a business so they you can Focus on your ongoing business
    • Identifying and minimizing any under-insurance that might exist
    • Discuss the different reinstatement options available within the policy – which are often overlooked.
  • Following a loss, cash flow is often critical. We ensure that regular progress payment requests are submitted to alleviate cash flow pressure.
  • The Business Interruption claim is often seen as a very complicated part of the claim requiring a specialized skill set – a skill set our office possesses.