Claim Preparation Fees

The insured business may have Claims Preparation (CP) cover available following a loss. In most circumstances our hourly rate fees are payable by the insurer and our services may cost your business nothing! In some instances however accessing the CP cover requires the written approval of the Insurer. Contact us or speak to your Broker to determine whether you have this cover in place and if this requires Insurers approval. We can assist in getting authorisation from Insurers to incur such costs.

If there is limited or no CP cover in place we can still offer the choice of:
1. Hourly rate
2. Fixed fee or
3. No win no fee (% of outcome)

The option agreed will best reflect the individual circumstances of your commercial claim. We believe we can add significant value to all but a small number of commercial claims.

Testimonials from our Broker and Commercial clients tell us we are on the right track.


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