Currently under construction.

We are currently developing a page for people we interact with in the industry who are interested in - or participate in - sport. The idea is that readers can submit times, gender and age groups for landmark, iconic or recognised sporting events such as "The Tan" run in Melbourne, the "Round the Bridges" river run in Perth, any measured 10k races, the Rottnest swim (relay or solo), measured open water swims, the Round the Bay cycling event Melbourne etc.

It'll be a little like the old space invaders leaderboard where the top 5 "times" stay until they are updated by a better time in their age group.

The site will develop according to what events etc prove most popular and populated. Any times submitted will need accompaniment such as an picture of a GPS time or a scanned copy of finishing certificate etc. Its mostly an honour system and it's designed for fun, so the rules aren't going to be prohibitive.

A set of guidlines will eventually be posted.

We've been surprised who does what out there! Its really just about sharing a common experience in sweat and maybe some light hearted bragging rights amongst our peers.


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