Claims Preparation

Claims Preparation

Specialising in the preparation and negotiation of insurance claims for businesses.

What we do

The Insurer appoints experts to assist them in managing an insurance claim on their behalf. A business should do the same!

We only represent the business and their best interests.

The key to unlocking your full claim entitlement is having a partner in your corner that not only knows your policy back to front but also knows how to then prepare, present and negotiate the claim to the benefit of the business.

Our role compliments that of the insurance broker – who are in fact our primary referral sources for new business.

YourClaim has decades of experience helping businesses with many different types of commercial insurance claims including, Property Damage, Business Interruption, Machinery Breakdown, Contract Works, Fidelity, Theft and 3rd Party Liability.

Appointment & Fees

The earlier we are appointed the greater the opportunities to direct and lead the claim. That said, its never too late to consider our appointment.

All that’s needed is for you to call us to talk over the claim and we will then discuss the best way forward.

Fees are often a concern for businesses in such dire circumstances. We will only ever be naturally aligned with our clients in this regard. Our appointment will therefore only ever fall into one of following two categories:

The majority of insurance policies allow the Insured to recover our hourly rate fees from their policy under “Claims Preparation Costs”. We manage that recovery as well.

In instances where a business is unable to recover our fees from the policy, YourClaim has an associated entity, Beanstalk Advisory that can assist on a No Win No Fee basis – being a fixed percentage of only the amount they improve the claim settlement by.

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