Graham and his team at Your Claim were beyond priceless for our insurance claim. Graham was so incredibly knowledgeable in reading and interpreting insurance policies and without his help our situation would have been overwhelming during a time of need.

Graham met with us the day after our incident, was personable and we truly got the sense of empathy showing he cares about helping people.

He was a great advocate while helping us prepare, submit and negotiate our claim and in all our years of business, we will never go through another insurance claim without Graham and his team.

Our lack of knowledge and high stress during the situation was single handedly put at ease by Graham and his team.

Jim Dillon


Midwest Financial Logo1.jpg

Following a major fire at the shopping centre where our office is located, our business was impacted. The loss adjuster reviewed our financial results and we were told that a loss could not be supported from what we had provided. Following a recommendation from our broker, we engaged YourClaim to assist us with the claim which was at somewhat of a stalemate.

Their in-depth analysis of our financial results and understanding of how our business operates, including some structural changes that had taken place in recent years leading up to the fire, resulted in them being able to establish the loss we knew we had suffered but just couldn’t quantify.

The Insurer eventually settled the claim based on the figures presented by YourClaim which we believe fairly represented the loss we had suffered.

We would highly recommend YourClaim to any business that has experienced a loss and needs assistance with putting their claim together.

Tony Young – Director

Optimus Real Estate

Graham Cox from Your Claim Pty Ltd was appointed by ORH, following a recommendation from our broker, to help us prepare an insurance claim for property damage and business interruption damages caused by a fire at our workshop in Aug 2019 and we worked together till May 2020.

It was a great pleasure to work with Graham. He guided us through the process, prepared the claims for us using the information we provided, provided professional input, submitted the claims and follow up with the insurers until we received the funds we were entitled to.

It was a major relief for us to rely on such an experienced resource like Graham, as we were navigated in these unchartered waters of a major insurance claim. He has proven himself again and again as a very valuable support.

Thank you Graham for all the hard work and great support you provided us. ORH is back to full production and you have played an important part in that. 

Kobi Tsaban  CFO

ORH Truck Solutions - WA | Truck Dealers Australia       


Attree Real Estate had a substantial event recently with our office being subject to a major flooding. Our insurance broker advised that it would be in our best interest to be represented during the claim process.

Graham Cox from YourClaim was appointed as our representative claims preparer. Being unfamiliar with the process, having never made  a major claim before, having Graham guide and represent us through this process was nothing but a first class experience.

His knowledge and understanding around the policy and expertise on what was / wasn’t claimable and how to best present our claim for property damage enabled us to get a result that exceeded our expectations.

Could not recommend Graham and YourClaim any higher.

     Nathan Want   Director

Our retail store in Subiaco was badly damaged by sprinklers when there was a fire in an adjacent property in our shopping centre. The store was roughly 60 days old and the damage was so significant that we were forced to move out of our store for 4 months and into a kiosk to allow us to keep trading in some capacity while the store was rebuilt. Our insurer engaged loss adjusters to manage the claim for them. We were suitably covered for the cost of the rebuild and the business interruption however I had real trouble dealing with the business interruption portion of our claim and felt that the amount we were being offered was not commensurate with the impact to our business.

I was aware how much we had lost over the affected period however I didn’t have the time or the experience to portray this, particularly given I was dealing with forensic accountants.

I reached out to my broker to find out what access we had under our policy to get assistance preparing the claim. Our policy allowed for significant assistance with claim preparation and we were lucky to be put in touch with Graham Cox from YourClaim. Graham had several meetings with me to understand our business model, go through our expenses, payroll and income with a fine tooth comb to ensure that we were able to secure every dollar that we were entitled to. Graham also did all of the legwork with preparing spreadsheets, analysis and justification for our claim. Graham was easy to talk to, didn’t use jargon and followed up regularly with updates throughout the process. Most importantly the costs for YourClaim’s services were covered meaning there was no out of pocket expenses to our business.

The end result was a claim of six figures, roughly 3 times more than the insurer had originally offered me, and was in-line with my own estimates of the impact over the affected period.

I would not hesitate to recommend Graham and YourClaim if you ever find yourself in a situation similar to the above.

        Stephen O’Keefe    General Manager/Owner

Graham Cox and Your Claim was amazing to deal with, they were a breath of fresh air in our time of need. I can highly recommend their service to anyone that has the misfortune of having to claim on an Insurance policy.

We suffered a major structural fire at our premises that destroyed our business and with Your Claims help we were able to get funds from our policy immediately to relocate and get our business up and running again.

Their knowledge on Business Interruption and other parts of our policy were second to none. They represented me and worked with my broker against the insurance company in a very professional manner which left me to focus on rebuilding our business.

Your Claim were able to optimise our claim settlement and if we did not use their service we would certainly have been much worse off, can’t recommend them enough.

Ivano Bertoncini

Ivano Bertoncini

Director, Veeos Food - Perth

Graham Cox and the team at YourClaim are fantastic to work with on any complex claim matter.

I have been working with Graham for many years now and his knowledge and expertise in insurance claims is second to none.

His passion for claims and for getting the best result for the insured is outstanding.

Graham is professional, always available for advice and provides excellent customer service for brokers and insured’s alike.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who has suffered an insurance loss and needs help with their claim.

Simon Feldman

Simon Feldman

Director, Sound Insurance Services Pty Ltd - VIC

My companies have used the services of YourClaim on several occasions over the past few years and they have always achieved a good outcome on our behalf.

The security of having someone experienced and dedicated on your side is priceless.

Rick Fenny

Rick Fenny

Chairman, Rick Fenny Group - WA

Graham and his team assisted us in maximising our claim, as a result of a major cyclone effecting our operations.

YourClaim, take the time to both understand the scope of insurance policy, and particular business needs, to ensure the best outcome is achieved for their client.

YourClaim and their level of professionalism and interest would very much be front of mind should we require professional claim managers in the future.

Grant Rockman

Grant Rockman

Chief Financial Officer, MG Kailis Group - WA

We were recommended the services of Graham Cox from YourClaim when we were faced with the daunting process of a total loss Property and Business Interruption claim after a fire devastated our Foodworks Store in Far North Queensland.

We were in total despair at the thought of navigating our way through this very scary and complex process. Enter Graham Cox!

Graham went the extra mile for us and we will be forever grateful to him for his efforts.

Phillip & Kate Mete

Phillip & Kate Mete

Foodworks Yungaburra - QLD

Graham Cox and the YourClaim team are true professionals.

Graham’s passion, expertise and knowledge have delivered great outcomes for my clients in time of need.

He covers all angles to get the best result. I have no hesitation in recommending Graham and the YourClaim team to deal with your insurance loss.

Morris Alessi

Morris Alessi

Director, Sound Insurance Services Pty Ltd - VIC

Graham helped me get through the complicated business of making my claim on insurance after my Tavern burnt down. His guidance was invaluable and took a lot of the stress out of the process for me. He was always just a phone call away and kept the ball rolling on the process.

Fantastic service and definitely worth making sure you have Claims Preparation insurance on your policy. Thank you Your Claim!

Dale Atkins

Dale Atkins

Quinninup Tavern – WA

I found the assistance that YourClaim provided to be invaluable to my claim after a major fire. I was totally unprepared to handle all the issues that arose from this devastating event.

I was also able to focus all my efforts on keeping the business afloat whilst YourClaim attended to preparing the claim and dealing with the insurance company’s various requests.

Grahams determined effort on our behalf resulted in a significantly better outcome for the business.

Maurice Simpson

Maurice Simpson

Miracle Recreation Equipment - Perth

When we had a major fire at our Shopping Centre premises, through our underwriters, we engaged Your Claim team to assist in the project management of the demolition and rectification process.

Your Claim were friendly and professional and through effective communication and organisation, a difficult and potentially time consuming process was made relatively simple.

Murray Archibald

Murray Archibald

Windsor Knight Property Group - Perth

From insurance knowledge to communication skills we couldn’t think of a better company to represent us.

We became involved in a company who were nearing the end of a large commercial insurance claim, which had some complex market issues attaching. Given the amount of money involved, our company spent considerable time analysing the work undertaken by the appointed Claims Preparation company, YourClaim WA.

John and Graham from YourClaim stepped us through every element of the claim in a professional and friendly fashion, which we found extremely comforting in an unfamiliar environment. We know a lot more about how commercial insurance works now – we just hope we don’t have to use that newfound knowledge again!

Stephen Pollard

Stephen Pollard

CEO, All Earth Group – Perth

I recently had a significant water damage claim. Long story short, despite the fact that I felt I knew the subject matter of the claim at least as well as the experts my Insurer sent out they continued to deny my claim for almost a year. Ultimately I asked to have the matter escalated to my Insurers Internal Disputes Resolution process (IDR). After that process also proved unsuccessful I lodged a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman’s Service (FOS) .

I conservatively estimate I expended between 100 and 150 hours “arguing” my claim over that period.

At that point, when the matter was on death row, at FOS I got recommended to John at YourClaim.
He assisted greatly in arguing the facts in the language of the policy with both my Insurer and FOS – ultimately getting the matter settled in my favour – much to my relief.

I only wish I knew a service such as theirs existed one year and 150 hours earlier!

Terry Williams

No nonsense and achieved all targets as predicted with a very professional approach and excellent outcome.

After owning a commercial laundry in regional western Australia for over 25 years, I was woken at 2am by a phone call to be told my business was in flames. I arrived to find everything burnt to the ground nothing left at all.

For first few days all was a bit numb as I was in shock, but reality soon hit when the insurance company started bombarding me with questions and figures. My experience with insurance companies had been not altogether good and I felt they would do anything to get out of or reduce any payout. As my whole life was in this business it was quite scary.

No nonsense and achieved all targets as predicted with a very professional approach and excellent outcome.

Geof Bloomfield

Managing Director, Goldfields Laundry Service – Kalgoorlie, WA

I have owned and operated Hotels in N.S.W. for just on fifty years and I can highly recommend Mr. Quinn and his team.

I recently had the unfortunate experience of a total loss insurance claim, in excess of $1,000,000. Dealing with the insurers of my tenant and the myriad of reasons they came up with to limit payment on the loss to our company, simply had to be put in the hands of an expert.

Mr. John Quinn, of YourClaim, proved himself to be that expert. Over a period of more than a year he thoroughly, professionally and honestly pursued our rights under the policy, some not evident to a layman such as myself. He kept me informed and up to date at all times. What he said he would do , he followed through and did.

The outcome was very much in our favour. John is a valued contributing member of the community. His integrity I found to be faultless.

I have owned and operated Hotels in N.S.W. for just on fifty years and I can highly recommend Mr. Quinn and his team.

Douglas MacDougal

MacDougal Hotels Pty Ltd - NSW

Massive thank you to John and Graham for your professionalism whilst handling a very difficult claim with AAMI. Our final result was 5 times what the original offer made by the insurance company. Very easy to deal with and will highly recommend your services to family & friends.

Sam Quattrone

Mr Sam Quattrone - Melbourne

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