Graham Cox from Your Claim Pty Ltd was appointed by ORH, following a recommendation from our broker, to help us prepare an insurance claim for property damage and business interruption damages caused by a fire at our workshop in Aug 2019 and we worked together till May 2020.

It was a great pleasure to work with Graham. He guided us through the process, prepared the claims for us using the information we provided, provided professional input, submitted the claims and follow up with the insurers until we received the funds we were entitled to.

It was a major relief for us to rely on such an experienced resource like Graham, as we were navigated in these unchartered waters of a major insurance claim. He has proven himself again and again as a very valuable support.

Thank you Graham for all the hard work and great support you provided us. ORH is back to full production and you have played an important part in that. 

Kobi Tsaban  CFO

ORH Truck Solutions - WA | Truck Dealers Australia       


Representing the Policy Holder