Following a major fire at the shopping centre where our office is located, our business was impacted. The loss adjuster reviewed our financial results and we were told that a loss could not be supported from what we had provided. Following a recommendation from our broker, we engaged YourClaim to assist us with the claim which was at somewhat of a stalemate.

Their in-depth analysis of our financial results and understanding of how our business operates, including some structural changes that had taken place in recent years leading up to the fire, resulted in them being able to establish the loss we knew we had suffered but just couldn’t quantify.

The Insurer eventually settled the claim based on the figures presented by YourClaim which we believe fairly represented the loss we had suffered.

We would highly recommend YourClaim to any business that has experienced a loss and needs assistance with putting their claim together.

Tony Young – Director

Optimus Real Estate

Representing the Policy Holder